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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mars Goes Direct

March 8th-14th: Lion Dance
by BSVCPHD on March 9, 2010

March 8th-14th

Lion Dance

The Moon wanes over an intense week. After nearly 3 months retrograde, Mars finally stations direct this Wednesday, March 10th. During that time he’s burnt his way through a number of relationships and scorched folks’ self esteem. After long months retrograde, Mars reaches the bottom of the bardo, the point from which things can move forward.

Venus entered Aries last Sunday, a little fire flower ablaze with the light of a stationing Mars in Leo. Venus in Aries‘ energy will make people excited and excitable, impatient and a little narcissistic. Although this position will oversee some real enthusiasm, there will no doubt be raw feelings as Venus opposes Saturn (on Tuesday) and squares Pluto (on Thursday). In combination with the influence of Mars, direct statements will be made and offense may well be taken.

Mars- Retrograde and Direct

When Mars stations direct, after a retrograde, a number of things happen. People become very direct. Lines get drawn and objections get stated. Relationships are severed, often finally. We can contrast this with the types of conflicts present during Mars’ retrograde. During the retrograde, relationships are lousy with small conflicts, but these are often over small stupid things that do not speak to the heart of the issues. Although the conflicts are present, they are disconnected from their reasons.

Mars retrogrades always have an internal component. A person’s sense of power and efficacy is challenged. The collective archetypal cycle shifts to activate a different archetype, invalidating the previous cycle and providing new challenges. People often respond to this change of cycle poorly because Mars’ archetypal sphere is a highly egoic one. Personal power is a hard thing to be neutral about. Having insufficient personal power to deal with life circumstances is a legitimate source of insecurity. Mars’ retrogrades build up and trigger insecurities. This creates an ambient cloud of frustration and insecurity, people seeking to feel powerful because they don’t. People often act badly. Especially men. Not because Mars only affects men, but because the subject matter of the red planet’s little archetypal is personal power. Men are weighed and judged primarily on their personal power, and they internalize these measures and build the towers of identity around them. When these walls are besieged by changing cycles, defensive mechanisms spring into action with little provocation.

When Mars turns direct, this confusion comes to an end, by coming to a point. Often the point of a sword. People sever themselves from limiting, disempowering situations on Mars’ direct stations. And some should, but don’t quite get around to it. However, the point that Mars’ direct station comes to is not always that of a blade. The point is also a positive bloom, an Ace of Wands, a vision of mastery within the arena of power sloppily outlined by the retrograde. It is literally the point where the retreat ceases, from which forward movement can begin.

The Cowardly Lion

Mars’ direct station shows up in the macrocosm. Barack Obama, who’s had Mars retrograde beat up his chart, has been roundly criticized this winter for not being an aggressive, ass kicking leader- key Mars traits. But since Mars moved within spitting distance of his direct station, Obama stopped preaching bipartisan pleasantry- he’s saying the health care bill is going through, one way or another. It’s a good example of how the key points in a cycle, like Mars’ direct station, actually look like in people’s lives.

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