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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Liposomal" Vitamin C

"[Y]ou can only take Vitamin C until you hit “bowel tolerance”.  I know you get the picture.  Too much and you are running.  Too little and you don’t get the full benefits of the super C.
What if you could get 8 – 10 times the amount of vitamin C into your cells without having digestive issues?  This is where the “liposomal” part comes in.  You coat the vitamin C in a protective skin of lecithin.  The lecithin is fat soluble (great source of choline) and it take[s] it right in to the cells!
You can buy Liposomal C in packets which would be very helpful if you travel a lot.  But it is more expensive and I’ve heard it tastes terrible. 
Jane and Sue kept mixing up batches of it and we all were spooning into our little mouths all week right before doing our 2 hour workouts.  We felt the amazing energy it gave us.   Sue told us her husband has been eating it and dropped 20 pounds without doing anything else. What a great benefit of adding the lecithin to the mixture.
Liposomal C recipe!
Dissolve 3 heaping Tablespoons of Non-GMO soy lecithin granules or powder into 1 Cup lukewarm water
In another glass, dissolve 1 heaping Tablespoon of organic rosehips powder into ½ Cup lukewarm water.  [...]
Stir often until both have dissolved completely.
Put them together into a blender and blend 45 to 60 seconds on high until it thickens.
Put the mixture into an ultrasonic cleaner (jewelry cleaner) and turn it on.  Go 3 to 10 cycles. 
Put mixture into a glass container with lid and refrigerate. 
Is supposed to be good for a year if refrigerated
Take 2 tablespoons a day first thing in morning on an empty stomach.   Wait 15 minutes before eating! "