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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He said were ur freestyle

tehy drive to my door

i make em all score

i make em bring me stuff and let them push the door

i wanna be the one

i wanna hog the sun

i wanna tell im that my toes are feelin chilly warm

i tell him im relaxed

i tell him i feel fast

i tell him im harassed and i tell him leave the cash

for the bash

i love how many o yall how many o yall lgoin home with trigger

u kno u really like herrrr

u know u wanna figh her

u know u wanna get all mad and get all outta sideer

cuz how many yall

how manyy yalll

wanna fall in love with just the oneeee

u goin home wit TRIGGAAAA


i got itt shut it down

its time for seven figa

its time to let it ringa

its tim to let it figga

the seven messages sit up for all to see ar

yah all oha yalll

yah all ayalll

wana go home with chea gaaahl

1 comment:

  1. Mix tape special - Lil Wahinemimem How many yall goin home with Trigga