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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

La Méthode France Guillain

France Guillain:

Bath Derivative, what is it?

Competence archaic, using the freshness and walking, ensures moving, functions and the expulsion of fat.

Bath Derivative is not a medicine nor sweet nor exotic. It is a skill just as archaic breastfeeding. It is used to replace the effects of walking naked in a hot country, which was the primary condition of being human. The animals routinely practice without asking questions about the seasons, without considering the fact that they are yin or yang. The polar bear is covered with a thick fleece and it has sex and perineum cool. The Scottish live naked under their kilts. They do not need Derivative Bath. All the speeches that tend to discredit the Baths pass can only be committed by people who do not practice, or people who are embarrassed by a technique that does not cost anything and is found to be very effective for our well-being. It is therefore too stupid to denigrate the Bath Derivative than denigrating breastfeeding.

Bath derivative (or gel pack) is one of the 4 elements of the France Guillain method.

On this site we are only talking about natural means and free to do good with water, freshness, good nutrition, clay and sun. We are six and a half billion humans on the planet, good form is it restricted to the billion has money? Certainly not! My many travels around the world have amply demonstrated to me. It is normal that nature offers us the free means to do us good. Now let's turn to what the Derivative Bath.

Description of the Bath derivative.

Bath Derivative is a technique of combining the action of freshness to the friction in both groin and the perineum in order to vibrate, making motile intestine and the entire fascia.

It can be advantageously replaced by the use of gel packs, because it appears that what we lack most is not friction but the freshness in the perineum. It even works on people who simply can not walk.

This leads to the motility of fresh fascia and intestine causing the expulsion of faeces, but also moving, journey through the body fats from digestion. Fats fluids, said Brown, is essential for protection against heat and cold, energy, reserves, hormonal function, the transport of adult stem cells capable of repairing all tissues, and finally two cleaning functions. Heavy grease (yellow and white fluffy) are fat due to poor quality of denatured foods and poor mastication. They are found primarily in animals (and humans!) Breeding. They must be expelled by the fluid greases.

For a hundred years, and according to that described Louis Kuhne, Bath Derivative was strictly observed as a method of cleansing the body. We begin to understand how to move your fat cells, what they do, how to circulate. This continuous flow of fat allows the escape velocity when they enter the body through digestion. It also allows fluid greases, Brown said, to drive the heavy grease that distort the shape and fill at least eight functions that are dormant when the fascia is not working.

Derivative Bath is known for thousands of years in China, it is practiced traditionally in New Guinea, we find traces in the Koran and the Torah (washing several times a day), and it is practiced in France by hundreds of thousands of people. Henri-Charles Geffroy La Vie Claire and Raymond Dextreit held him in high esteem. It is recommended by many hygienists and increasingly recommended by doctors. Dr. Plisnier, author of The Health Freedom, published by Amber 2001, devotes three pages.

Of course, the effects of the Bath Derivative abound. They are primarily from the bad fat, thick, which lie directly beneath the skin. But they also help people who are too thin to adequately feed the muscles, denser bones. They definitely help to regenerate the body.

There is much to say about Bath Derivative, and you will find additional information in The Baths pass, editions Youth, Bath Derivative hundred years after Louis Kuhne, Editions du Rocher, we are all beautiful! LPM Publishing, Bath and derivative gel pack Editions Demeter. See "The Books of Guillain France. You can learn much more by participating in seminars or conferences with Guillain France. Dates and locations: see "Seminars" and "Conferences".

The gel pack

At the origin of mankind, we walked a lot, naked, in hot countries. In such cases, the sweat from the body slips into the folds of the groin and perineum. Evaporation offers cool. Walking provides the friction in the groin. The combination of freshness and friction promotes motility (contractions min) of the intestine and the fascia, which allows our fat to move, to perform their various functions and to be evacuated to the speed in which they formed by digestion.

The gel pack brings freshness essential to the perineum. It is absolutely abnormal for mammals to have perineal warm all day. We are mammals. Yet we have this part of the body mainly warm especially after 60 years!

Experience has shown for nearly ten years it was possible to obtain very interesting results by separating friction and freshness. For example you can walk an hour in the morning and sit in the afternoon on a cold gel pack for two or three hours (by changing the gel pack as soon as you no longer feel the freshness!). It is also possible to install the gel pack as a layer (Baby) and home run while going about their business. Anyone who leads a normal life, does her housework, shopping, travels in his work, caring for children etc can make the most of the gel pack. People who simply can not walk also derive the greatest benefit.

This is true for both men and women. For a hundred years, the Bath derivative has been taught by men (men Kuhne, Geffroy, Dextreit), primarily by men.

In ten years we have tried various pockets of freezing of all sizes. We ended up designing one that meets all the necessary guarantees. This gel pack is very solid and is machine washable. It is very discrete anatomical and under clothing. This is the only one we can recommend it currently is on the site

That the gel pack can do:

She brings freshness essential. It is a very interesting tool in the practice of Bain derivative. It is one of the basic elements of the Method France Guillain. For interesting effects throughout the body, it must also chew your food well and liquefy, eating wisely, make balanced meals while eating a bit of everything. Some inconvenience may require the use of clay. And do not forget our need for sunlight and outdoor exercise!

The gel pack used at least 3 hours per day is very interesting. But you can use it ten hours a day if you want. It is excellent for mothers of young children who lack the time. For young people who can sit on it. For people that their profession requires them to sit all day in the car or at work.

Discover YOKOOL, the small gel pack discreet, comfortable and efficient, the best auxiliary Bath Derivative girls and boys!


Cited from

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ruffed Lemur - Today's featured Article

A ruffed lemur
The ruffed lemur is a strepsirrhine primate and the largest extant lemur within the family Lemuridae. Like all lemurs, they are found only on the island of Madagascar. Formerly considered to be a monotypic genus, two species are now recognized: the Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur, with its three subspecies, and the Red Ruffed Lemur. Ruffed lemurs are diurnal and arboreal quadrupeds, often observed leaping through the upper canopy of the seasonal tropical rainforests in eastern Madagascar. They are also the most frugivorous of the Malagasy lemurs, and they are very sensitive to habitat disturbance. Ruffed lemurs live in multi-male/multi-female groups and have a complex and flexible social structure, described as fission-fusion. They are highly vocal, and have loud, raucous calls. Ruffed lemurs are seasonal breeders and highly unusual in their reproductive strategy. They are considered an "evolutionary enigma" in that they are the largest of the extant species in Lemuridae, yet exhibit reproductive traits more common in small, nocturnal lemurs, such as short gestation periods and large average litter sizes. Ruffed lemurs also build nests for their newborns (the only primates that do so), carry them by mouth, and exhibit an absentee parental system by stashing them while they forage. Threatened by habitat loss and hunting, ruffed lemurs are facing extinction in the wild. (more...)

  • did u know lemurs were primates?  like humans and monkeys?

  • did u know they only lived in Madagascar?

  • that leaving youngsters in a nest while "foraging" is considered ABSENTEE PARENTING? whoa!

Pretty Wahine

He said were ur freestyle

tehy drive to my door

i make em all score

i make em bring me stuff and let them push the door

i wanna be the one

i wanna hog the sun

i wanna tell im that my toes are feelin chilly warm

i tell him im relaxed

i tell him i feel fast

i tell him im harassed and i tell him leave the cash

for the bash

i love how many o yall how many o yall lgoin home with trigger

u kno u really like herrrr

u know u wanna figh her

u know u wanna get all mad and get all outta sideer

cuz how many yall

how manyy yalll

wanna fall in love with just the oneeee

u goin home wit TRIGGAAAA


i got itt shut it down

its time for seven figa

its time to let it ringa

its tim to let it figga

the seven messages sit up for all to see ar

yah all oha yalll

yah all ayalll

wana go home with chea gaaahl

Sunday, March 14, 2010

EFT Tapping Points | What Emotion Connects to Each Tapping Point?

EFT Tapping Points | What Emotion Connects to Each Tapping Point?

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Beggars are kings in disguise

beggars are kings in disguise

begging is not shameful and asking is godly

i give to beggars and i beg to me

i beg God and i beg myself

and to me abundance is always free

i dont believe in commitment

you are not free because you charge money for what you are

when money is a waterfall on your doorstep

sometimes whats good to you
can horrify me

i give freely

i take

i offer

i receive

im all that and those that give to me are blessed

poverty and abundance what scares me more

some people blink

some people think their choices are the best and some peoples choices i wouldnt make for money

i live in the prison i saw with the pain sawed in

and i trust who i trust u say yes but you say no




He found a beautiful youth, clad in a deer skin, lying on the ground. (Page 115).

p. 113

The Beggar King

Proud King Hagag sat on his throne in state, and the high priest, standing by his side, read from the Holy Book, as was his daily custom. He read these words: "For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation?"

"Cease!" cried the king. "Who wrote those words?"

"They are the words of the Holy Book," answered the high priest.

"Give me the book," commanded the king.

With trembling hands the high priest placed it before his majesty. King Hagag gazed earnestly at the words that had been read, and he frowned. Raising his hand, he tore the page from the book and threw it to the ground.

"I, Hagag, am king," he said, "and all such passages that offend me shall be torn out."

He flung the volume angrily from him while the high priest and all his courtiers looked on in astonishment.

p. 114

"I have heard enough for today," he said. "Too long have I delayed my hunting expedition. Let the horses be got ready."

He descended from the throne, stalked haughtily past the trembling figure of the high priest, and went forth to the hunt. Soon he was riding furiously across an open plain toward a forest where a wild stag had been seen. A trumpet sounded the signal that the deer had been driven from its hiding place, and the king urged his horse forward to be the first in the chase. His majesty's steed was the swiftest in the land. Quickly it carried him out of sight of his nobles and attendants. But the deer was surprisingly fleet and the king could not catch up with it. Coming to a river, the animal plunged in and swam across. Scrambling up the opposite bank its antlers caught in the branch of a tree, and the king, arriving at the river, gave a cry of joy.

"Now I have thee," he said. Springing from his horse and divesting himself of his clothing he swam across with naught but a sword.

As he reached the opposite bank, however, the deer freed itself from the tree and plunged into a thicket. The king, with his sword in his hand, followed quickly, but no deer could he see. Instead,

p. 115

he found, lying on the ground beyond the thicket, a beautiful youth clad in a deer-skin. He was panting as if after a long run. The king stood still in surprise and the youth sprang to his feet.

"I am the deer," he said. "I am a genii and I have lured thee to this spot, proud king, to teach thee a lesson for thy words this morning."

Before King Hagag could recover from his surprise the youth ran back to the river and swam across. Quickly he dressed himself in the king's clothes and mounted the horse just as the other hunters came up. They thought the genii was King Hagag and they halted before him.

"Let us return," said the genii. "The deer has crossed the river and has escaped."

King Hagag from the thicket on the opposite side watched them ride away and then flung himself on the ground and wept bitterly. There he lay until a wood-cutter found him.

"What do you here?" asked the man.

"I am King Hagag," returned the monarch.

"Thou art a fool," said the wood-cutter. "Thou art a lazy good-for-naught to talk so. Come, carry my bundle of sticks and I will give thee food and an old garment."

In vain the king protested. The wood-cutter

p. 116

only laughed the more, and at last, losing patience, he beat him and drove him away. Tired and hungry, and clad only in the rags which the wood-cutter had given him, King Hagag reached the palace late at night.

"I am King Hagag," he said to the guards, but roughly they bade him begone, and after spending a wretched night in the streets of the city, his majesty, next morning, was glad to accept some bread and milk offered to him by a poor old woman who took pity on him. He stood at a street corner not knowing what to do. Little children teased him; others took him for a beggar and offered him money. Later in the day he saw the genii ride through the streets on his horse. All the people bowed down before him and cried, "Long live the king!"

"Woe is me," cried Hagag, in his wretchedness. "I am punished for my sin in scoffing at the words of the Holy Book."

He saw that it would be useless for him to go to the palace again, and he went into the fields and tried to earn his bread as a laborer. He was not used to work, however, and but for the kindness of the very poorest he would have died of starvation. He wandered miserably from place to place until he fell in with some blind

p. 117

beggars who had been deserted by their guide. Joyfully he accepted their offer to take the guide's place.

Months rolled by, and one morning the royal heralds went forth and announced that "Good King Hagag" would give a feast a week from that day to all the beggars in the land.

From far and near came beggars in hundreds, to partake of the king's bounty, and Hagag stood among them, with his blind companions, in the courtyard of the palace waiting for his majesty to appear. He knew the place well, and he hung his head and wept.

"His majesty will speak to each one of you who are his guests today," cried a herald, and one by one they passed into the palace and stood before the throne. When it came to Hagag's turn, he trembled so much that he had to be supported by the guards.

The genii on the throne and Hagag looked long at each other.

"Art thou, too, a beggar?" said the genii.

"Nay, gracious majesty," answered Hagag with bent head. "I have sinned grievously and have been punished. I am but the servant of a troop of blind beggars to whom I act as guide."

The genii king signed to his courtiers that

p. 118

he desired to be left alone with Hagag. Then he said:

"Hagag, I know thee. I see that thou hast repented. It is well. Now canst thou resume thy rightful place."

"Gracious majesty," said Hagag, "I have learned humility and wisdom. The throne is not for me. The blind beggars need me. Let me remain in their service."

"It cannot be," said the genii. "I see that thou art truly penitent. Thy lesson is learned and my task is done. I will see that the blind beggars lack not."

With his own hands he placed the royal robes on Hagag and himself donned those of the beggar. When the courtiers returned they saw no difference. King Hagag sat on the throne again, and nowhere in the whole world was there a monarch who ruled more wisely or showed more kindness and sympathy to all his subjects.



King Ring and the Stranger

In the kingdom of the north reigned King Ring. Old was he now and white-haired, but noble and brave. At the merry Yuletime he held a great feast in the royal hall. High on the throne of state he sat, and beside him was his fair young queen, the gentle Ingeborg.

Into the spacious hall came a man unknown to any there. A bear-skin covered him from head to foot. He leaned heavily upon a staff, but even then he was taller than any warrior in the hall. He chose for rest a seat upon the bench beside the door. This is now the poor man's place and has always been. Some of the young men laughed at the beggar dressed in the skin of the wild bear and pointed the finger at him.

INTO THE HALL CAME A MAN UNKNOWN TO ANY THERE The stranger's eyes flashed and all felt his anger. Quickly he seized one of the young men by the belt and shook him so that all were suddenly silent in the hall.

"What causes such commotion?" cried the angry monarch. "Who dares disturb our peace? Old man, come here and answer. What is your name, your place, your errand?"

The old man replied: "Many questions you ask, O King, but every one will I answer. My name belongs to me alone and I'll not give it. My birth-place was misfortune and all I possess is want. I have come hither from the wolf so fierce and gaunt. In youth I bestrode a dragon on the blue waters, but now I am old and feeble and must live upon the land. As to my errand, I came to see your wisdom, renowned far and near. When your men met me rudely I seized one of them by the girdle and hurled him to the ground. For that forgive me, though the man is safe and sound."

"Your words are wisely chosen," said King Ring. "The aged should be honoured; come, sit here by me. You are no beggar, I know. Throw off your disguise and appear in your true form. Disguise is a foe to pleasure, and pleasure should rule at Yule-tide."

Then the guest dropped the bear-skin. Instead of an old man bent with care, there stood a handsome youth with long golden locks. His mantle was of azure velvet and his girdle was of silver finely worked. Around his arm clung a heavy golden circlet and at his side gleamed the great battle-sword.

When the queen looked at the guest she knew him as Frithiof, but mentioned not his name. It was the right of a guest to claim hospitality without giving his name, and Frithiof had claimed this guest-right. The horn sounded a shrill blast in the hall and all was still. The hour for vows was coming and the boar was now brought in. His four knees were bent beneath him on the great silver dish; in his mouth was an apple, and there were wreaths about his neck.

King Ring, his grey locks flowing, arose and straightway now

The boar's head gently touching, he thus declared his vow:

"I swear to conquer Frithiof, the champion in war,

So help me, Frey and Odin, and likewise mighty Thor."

Then with a smile defiant uprose the stranger tall

A look of wrath heroic spread o'er his features all—

He smote with sword the table till through the hall it rang

And up from oaken benches the steel-clad warriors sprang.

"And now, Sir King, please listen while I my vow shall tell—

Young Frithiof is my kinsman, and so I know him well;

'Gainst all the world I'll shield him, I give you here in word,

So help me now my norn, and likewise my good sword!"

The king laughed at this bold defiance. "Right daring, methinks your speech," he said, "but in the Northland palace all fair words are free." Then turning to the queen he bade her fill a horn of wine, the very best. "I hope that he'll remain our guest through the winter," he concluded.

The queen then took the great goblet and filled it with wine. With trembling hand she gave it to the guest. He accepted the horn with a bow of reverence and drank the wine at a draught in honour of the fair queen who gave it.

Then the skald, the singer of the royal court, touched the strings of his harp and sang a song of love and glory. As he sang he moved the warriors' hearts to pity or roused them to anger and revenge at his will. Such is the wonderful power of music and poetry. He sang of the home in Valhal, where brave heroes go after death, and all hearts were filled with a desire to be brave and noble that they might deserve a place in heaven when their work on earth was finished.

So with mirth and song, with stories of the great heroes of their race, King Ring and his court kept the merry Yule-tide in his castle.

Northland Heroes



2 & 3 Portsmouth St. Kingsway WC


First published January 1909


2 & 3 Portsmouth Street, Kingsway, London, W.C.2

Reprinted: April 1911; May 1913;

May 1914; October 1919; July 1922



King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid

By Don Marquis, in "Sonnets to a
red-Haired Lady and Famous Love
Affairs," 1922

Cophetua was a merry King,

And slightly sentimental;

His morals were (if anything)

What some call "Oriental."

Zenelophon, the Beggar Goil,

Was innocent and careful;

She had been reared to Honest Toil

By parents poor and prayerful,

For Papa peddled lemonade

While Mamma laundered laundry,

And she had been a solder maid

Within a muzzle foundry;

But, oh! the foreman of the staff

Had tried to Make Advances . . .

The Villain used to smirk and chaff

And ask her out to dances! . . .

And so she quit the Hellish Place

And went salvationarming,

A careful smile upon her face

So innocent and charming.

While begging in a Beer Saloon

Right opposite the palace

She saw the King one afternoon

Drink chalice after chalice --

(He dallied daily with the Jug,

He hit the pipe and gambled

He introduced the bunny-hug

As round his realm he rambled) --

Eftsoons the Monarch, reeling by

Imperially laden,

Remarked, iniquitous and sly,

"Pray, buss me, Beggar Maiden!"

Not I! " she cried, " I'd rather go

Right back to making muzzles

Than kiss a King that roisters so

And gambles, flirts and guzzles!"

The Regal Cut-up, in a mood

Majestically reckless,

Then offered her a samite snood,

A duchy and a necklace.

"Oh, keep your Royal Gauds," she said,

"And buss your legal spouses!

I won't kiss none until I'm wed,

Especial if they're souses!"

With that he laid his sceptre down

Beneath her footsy-wootsies --

"Oh, wed me, and I'll fling muh crown

Before them pretty tootsies!"

"Oh King!" says she, "you have some queens!"

Says he, "They're soon beheaded!"

That day his headsman reaped their beans,

The next the King was wedded.

And Mrs. King Cophetua made

All parties quit their vices,

And Papa's private lemonade

Soon rose to fancy prices,

And Mamma laundered for the King

As happy as a linnet --

Virtue always wins, I sing,

If Wisdom's mingled in it!

Edward Burne-Jones and Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Beggar Maid

[Written 1833, published 1842. Page created for English 465 by Rose Bartlett and Glenn Everett. Note: this painting by Edward Burne-Jones was inspired by Tennyson's poem.]

Her arms across her breast she laid;

She was more fair than words can say:

Bare-footed came the beggar maid

Before the king Cophetua.

In robe and crown the king stept down,

To meet and greet her on her way;

'It is no wonder,' said the lords,

'She is more beautiful than day.'

As shines the moon in clouded skies,

She in her poor attire was seen:

One praised her ancles, one her eyes,

One her dark hair and lovesome mien.

So sweet a face, such angel grace,

In all that land had never been:

Cophetua sware a royal oath:

'This beggar maid shall be my queen!'


The Hemis Guru-Setchu

The Cham Mystery Dances

in Honor of Guru Padmasambhava

June 1986

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Horrible Truth


GENOCIDE in USSR: Ukraine, the Baltics and the rest of Europe in the early 20th century. It wasn't just the Nazis. Horrible Horrible Horrible.

Mars Goes Direct

March 8th-14th: Lion Dance
by BSVCPHD on March 9, 2010

March 8th-14th

Lion Dance

The Moon wanes over an intense week. After nearly 3 months retrograde, Mars finally stations direct this Wednesday, March 10th. During that time he’s burnt his way through a number of relationships and scorched folks’ self esteem. After long months retrograde, Mars reaches the bottom of the bardo, the point from which things can move forward.

Venus entered Aries last Sunday, a little fire flower ablaze with the light of a stationing Mars in Leo. Venus in Aries‘ energy will make people excited and excitable, impatient and a little narcissistic. Although this position will oversee some real enthusiasm, there will no doubt be raw feelings as Venus opposes Saturn (on Tuesday) and squares Pluto (on Thursday). In combination with the influence of Mars, direct statements will be made and offense may well be taken.

Mars- Retrograde and Direct

When Mars stations direct, after a retrograde, a number of things happen. People become very direct. Lines get drawn and objections get stated. Relationships are severed, often finally. We can contrast this with the types of conflicts present during Mars’ retrograde. During the retrograde, relationships are lousy with small conflicts, but these are often over small stupid things that do not speak to the heart of the issues. Although the conflicts are present, they are disconnected from their reasons.

Mars retrogrades always have an internal component. A person’s sense of power and efficacy is challenged. The collective archetypal cycle shifts to activate a different archetype, invalidating the previous cycle and providing new challenges. People often respond to this change of cycle poorly because Mars’ archetypal sphere is a highly egoic one. Personal power is a hard thing to be neutral about. Having insufficient personal power to deal with life circumstances is a legitimate source of insecurity. Mars’ retrogrades build up and trigger insecurities. This creates an ambient cloud of frustration and insecurity, people seeking to feel powerful because they don’t. People often act badly. Especially men. Not because Mars only affects men, but because the subject matter of the red planet’s little archetypal is personal power. Men are weighed and judged primarily on their personal power, and they internalize these measures and build the towers of identity around them. When these walls are besieged by changing cycles, defensive mechanisms spring into action with little provocation.

When Mars turns direct, this confusion comes to an end, by coming to a point. Often the point of a sword. People sever themselves from limiting, disempowering situations on Mars’ direct stations. And some should, but don’t quite get around to it. However, the point that Mars’ direct station comes to is not always that of a blade. The point is also a positive bloom, an Ace of Wands, a vision of mastery within the arena of power sloppily outlined by the retrograde. It is literally the point where the retreat ceases, from which forward movement can begin.

The Cowardly Lion

Mars’ direct station shows up in the macrocosm. Barack Obama, who’s had Mars retrograde beat up his chart, has been roundly criticized this winter for not being an aggressive, ass kicking leader- key Mars traits. But since Mars moved within spitting distance of his direct station, Obama stopped preaching bipartisan pleasantry- he’s saying the health care bill is going through, one way or another. It’s a good example of how the key points in a cycle, like Mars’ direct station, actually look like in people’s lives.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waka Flaka Flame you biaatch!

and his friends...

lips interview... girrrrllllllll makin me drop tears

more interviewin look at happy papi hehe...

an his song...oooooooooooo odaydoit lol


he look kina remind me of my patna neva did got our chance together:
Love you Weezy

Friday, March 5, 2010

Life is Green

life is green

it starts at my knees

under that is brown

yanks gently at the tips of my hair


my pericardium tightens and opens tightens and opens

velvety box for a velvety treasure

rubin soft and thick and strong

no one can enter there

without me

mangled toes


rootsy and malleable

like pho bones

spurts of red

go in a circle circle

and sometimes they come out

i am woman

blue love alights in the space of my chest

drifting clouds

when did lazy become humiliation

the clouds reclaim lazy

the clouds have no triggers

insulted they are not


they break apart

only to form agian

a giant

a river

a cocoon

grey clouds

anger anger

the clouds cannot be held in judgement

the clouds cannot be held at all

and neither can i

and neither can anything else

flexibility free forever for five folk fan fashion fur flap fix


i feel it

fuck thru

where the hole

in me

is going to heal up

after its past








fun eh

fun is not the one

and life is not for FUN

and all this energy

of anger

to increase and incinerate and rip burn burn burn u bum bury bird bark and barker



clouds on fire

even so

its possible

an all


the weather

is mostly

not stormy

because Earth said so

and time stood still

only while i thought so

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Mirror of Respect

Gaining Others' Respect
By Dr. Margaret Paul
March 01, 2010

Are you distressed about how often others are disrespectful to you? Discover why this may be happening and what you can do about it.

We all want to be respected by others. And, we would all love to have control over whether or not others treat us respectfully. Is this realistic?

Nigel, one of my clients, has a lot of confusion about this issue. He believes that people, especially his wife and children, "should" be respectful to him, and he gets very angry when they treat him disrespectfully - which they often do.

What Nigel has failed to understand - which is what led him to seek my help - is that others are often a mirror of how we treat ourselves.

Much of my work with Nigel has centered around becoming aware of the many ways he disrespects himself and what would be respectful to himself.


•He often judges his own feelings, discounting his feelings and telling himself that he "shouldn't" feel this way.
•He often ignores his feelings, staying focused in his head instead of his body, and turning to addictions, such as sugar and TV to numb his feelings.
•He sees himself as a victim of others' choices, making others responsible for his feelings rather than taking responsibility for his own pain and joy.

•He often stays up late watching TV, disrespecting his need for adequate sleep.
•He often grabs junk food, not taking the time to eat well, disrespecting his body's need for good nutrition.
•He doesn't take the time to exercise so he is out of shape, disrespecting his need for a strong and healthy body.
•He dresses poorly, even to the point of wearing socks with holes in them, and often wearing dirty or wrinkled clothes, disrespecting his inner desire for clean and appropriate clothing.

•He is often late, disrespecting his inner desire to get places on time and not be stressed about it.
•His desk is often a mess, disrespecting his inner desire for order in his life.

•He does not balance his checkbook and is often overdrawn at the bank, much to the distress of his wife.
•While he makes plenty of money, he doesn't save anything, creating an inner sense of insecurity.
•He often uses money to try to control how others feel about him, disrespecting his own inner worth by trying to buy others' approval.

•He often care-takes others rather than saying no when he means no, and yes when he means yes, giving himself up to control others, completely disrespecting his own feelings and needs.
•He often explains and defends, trying to control others rather than standing in his own power.

•While he believes in God, he takes no time to nourish himself spiritually.
•He does things in business that he is not proud of, not respecting himself enough to behave with integrity.
These are just a few of the ways that Nigel has learned to disrespect himself. Others, seeing or sensing his disrespect for himself, naturally treat him with the same disrespect with which he treats himself. Rather than becoming angry at them, Nigel is learning to see them as a mirror of his own inner system. Each time his wife or children, or anyone else treats him disrespectfully, Nigel is learning to go inside and see how he is treating himself.

As a result of this, more people are treating him respectfully. While there will always be some people who are consistently disrespectful to everyone, Nigel is finding out that others do change in response to his changes. He is also learning to respect himself enough to disengage from others when they are being disrespectful to him.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Azi e Martisor! La multi ani!

Today is Little March!

I Won the Turtle Game!

I entered the contest of what message does the turtle have for me...

and I WON!

I think the message the turtle had was... "I love you..."

Just look at the turtle's eyes! Awww....