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Monday, December 13, 2010

Push Your Problem Holding Body Out of You

Inner RePatterning – a Radically Different EFT Approach

By Tania Prince, EFT Master
Issues in EFT
1. To get results with EFT you have to get into the specifics of the problem. In many cases that means finding the events from the past that are foundational to your current problem and tapping them out. This can in some cases be complex and tricky.
What if you don’t need to go to the past events?
2. Typically in EFT we look for the core issues, we find words that represent them and tap. This can be challenging especially if you are working on your own problem. It can even be challenging for experienced therapists. One of the biggest problems for people new to EFT is finding those elusive words. In many cases the inability to find words can actually stop people using EFT in the first place.
What if you don’t need to even understand your problem in order to clear it? What if you don’t need the words?
Below is the transcript from a recent session using the Inner RePatterning. The session lasted 15 minutes.
Tania: Hello Anne
Anne: Hi Tania
Tania: Alright, now I understand you have a problem that you want to deal with.  Perhaps you could tell us a little bit about that?
Anne: Yes, it’s…I think it’s the last hurdle I’ve got with presenting.  I still can go completely blank and I can get a swirling feeling in my stomach that comes up into my throat and I just feel my throat tightening.  Yes, and in fact if I am listening to people, I can’t seem to take on board what they are saying sometimes but I think it is because I am nervous.  It is a fright…it’s an anxious thing.
Tania: Yes…and are there any thoughts that go with that?
Anne: Erm…it’s not who I want to be.
Tania: Alright, what I’d say is let us kind of use a new process with this and what I want you do is…you know that problem that you have, it kind of repeats itself over in your life doesn’t it?
Anne: Yes it does, yes.
Tania: Alright, and we kind of get a little bit attached to these things even though we don’t want to have them.  So, what we are going to do really in a way is “detach” you from that problem.  Will that be ok with you?
Anne: That would be wonderful, yes.
Tania: And what we are going to do if that is ok with you is set a goal for this session.
Anne: Yes
Tania: Anne, the goal…you just let me know if this is agreeable to you?  The goal for this session would be for you to kind of put yourself in a place of inner peace and joy.
Anne: Yes
Tania: Does that work for you?
Anne: Yes that definitely works for me
Tania: Alright, and also what I’d say is…you know, I want you in a way to go along for the session  to put you in the now, the present moment in time because when we have problems it is often related to the past events that have happened to us and our concerns about the future – yes?
Anne: Yes
Tania: So really what we are going to do is look to put you in the present moment in time so there is no attachment of the past and no attachment for the future.
Anne: Sounds wonderful.
Tania: Alright. So with that, what I would say is let’s set some intentions for this and I’ll read them out to you and you just kind of set this intention within your mind.  So, the first intention that I would like you to say is the intention that you want to release any blocks that stop you living fully in the present moment in time, in a place of peace and joy.
Anne: Yes
Tania: In a place of peace and joy flowing through every level of your being
Anne: Yes
Tania: So set that intention within your mind…and set your intentions to release any attachment to the past of this story and the future of this story here, that blocks you from being within that place of the “Now”, yes…in that place of peace and joy.  So set that intention.
Anne: Yes, I’ve set that intention.
Tania: And set the intention that when we begin to tap that that will act as a signal for that healing to begin.
Anne: Yes, I’ve set that intention.
Tania: And that even when we stop tapping, that healing will continue until you reach that place of inner peace and joy flowing through every level of your being.  So set that intention within yourself.
Anne: Yes, I’ve set that intention.
Tania: And set that intention in a safe and healthy way for you.
Anne: Yes
Tania: And if there are any insights or learning that you need to take that will help you in a very beautiful way, you will be open to those insights and learnings at the appropriate time, so set that intention.
Anne: Yes
Tania: What I want you to do now is I want you to go inside and…in a way go inside of yourself and just get a sense of that problem, how you know you have got that.  Whether there are kind of physical sensations, whether there are thought processes or whether there is something else that goes on, but kind of in away scan down through your body and just get a true sense of where that is and what is going on for you that represents that problem for you.  I am just going to say you don’t need words to represent it, you know, just get a sense of it yes?
Anne: Yes.  I can easily get a sense of it throughout my body from my head (mind), going to my throat, to my stomach.
Tania: Alright, now when we do this process, you don’t need to understand this problem at all. In fact, I’d say that we don’t even attempt to understand it…yes?
Anne: Yes
Tania: Because what I am going to do is just go through a process and I’m going to ask you in a moment to just go with whatever flows into your mind.  You don’t need to understand that at all…yes?
Anne: Yes
Tania: So just let yourself flow with the process.  But for now, just go down and sense what is going on within you…yes?
Anne: Yes
Tania: And I want you to take a nice deep breath in and as you breathe out that breath, I want you to have the sensation of pushing out that body that has all the emotions and feelings and senses and thoughts within it…yes?  So, push that body of you outside of yourself and have that sense of doing that.  You might want to take another breath and re-do it. Breathing in and on the out-breath have that sense of really pushing that view outside of yourself, until you who is here with me feels a sense of relaxation flow through your body…yes?
Anne: Yes
Tania: You feel more relaxed now?
Anne: I do yes.
Tania: Now, have a sense of looking at that “you” that is in front of you, that has got all of those problems…yes?  And I want you to just look at her and tap on the thymus which is just roughly the centre of the chest and use all of your fingertips just gentle tappings there and just observing with no judgement, no criticism of her , just look, observe and I want you to say “I accept this”.
Anne: I accept this.
Tania: Can you say those words?
Anne: {sigh}
Tania: Is there an emotion coming up within you?
Anne: I feel sorry for her.
Tania: Alright, what I want you to do now is go inside of you and sense where that sorrow is…yes? Get a sense of that feeling, that emotion within you. Keep tapping on the Thymus…yes?
Anne: Yes
Tania: And I want you to just get a sense of the sorrow within you and I want you to take a nice deep breath in and as you breathe out, breathe out that sorrow so that is again external to you within that body that is in front of you…yes?
Anne: {breathing out}
Tania: So all those issues and problems within that body that you are observing…and just look and do that until you feel a sense of relaxation come over you.  You no longer feel that inside of you…   Keep tapping whilst you do that ok? Alright I want you now to just observe that “you”, and just say the words “I accept these emotions”-
Anne: I accept these emotions
Tania: I accept they’re  there.
Anne: I accept they’re there.
Tania: I accept my attachment to them.
Anne: I accept my attachment to them.
Tania: my identification with them.
Anne: my identification to them.
Tania: and the story from the past of these emotions.
Anne: and the story from the past of these emotions.
Tania: and the future story of these emotions.
Anne: and the future story of these emotions.
Tania: and I want you now to tap on the top of your head and just say “I accept all of this is there”.
Anne: I accept all of this is there-
Tania: Is there…yes.  And just say the words “release and let go”
Anne: Release and letting go.
Tania: Go to the third eye position tapping nice and gentle there saying the words “accepting peace”, “accepting joy”.
Anne: Yes, ehm…I see an animated person now and not this little person with rounded shoulders.
Tania: Alright, so an animated person.  Scan down to her and kind of see where the healing needs to be there now and just observe it.  No judgement yes?  Just observe and see whatever you see…and if any words flow into your mind, just say them… but just observe and notice.
Anne: Yes, I think she is hoping she is going to stay like this but there is a little “oh, but will I?”
Tania: Yes, well that part of you, go inside of yourself yes, that part of you that generates “oh, but will I?”, the doubt.  I want you to scan down through you-
Anne: Yes, I’ve found it.
Tania: Yes and I want you to breath that doubt out of you yes? So I want you to take a nice deep breath in and breathe out that doubt and put that in front of you.
Anne: {Breathing}
Tania: and let me know when you have done that.  When you feel that sense of relaxation flow over you.
Anne: Yes, completely relaxed.  I am tapping on my third eye as well.
Tania: and just go down to your thymus if that feels appropriate and just tap there and just observe her and say… I accept this is ….. just observing whatever that is you see in front of you, the whole of it yes?  Say the words, I accept this is there.
Anne: I accept this is there.
Tania: I accept my attachment to this.
Anne: I accept my attachment to this.
Tania: I accept my identification with this.
Anne: I accept my identification with this.
Tania: and the story of this…
Anne: and the story of this…
Tania: from the past…
Anne: from the past…
Tania: to the future…
Anne: to the future…
Tania: I accept all of that.
Anne: I accept all of that
Tania: Now go to the top of the head and just say “release and let it go”.
Anne: Release and let it go
Tania: Release and let that go.
Anne: Release and let that go.
Tania: Go to the third eye and say, allowing peace…
Anne: allowing peace…
Tania: allowing joy
Anne: allowing joy
Tania: and just tap there nicely…Allowing peace…allowing joy.
Anne: Allowing peace…allowing joy
Tania: Now what do you see in front of you now?
Anne: I can’t get a picture.
Tania: Alright and just come to you and just scan down through you.  What is going on within you?  Any emotions now within yourself.  Just check
Anne: Nothing
Tania: Alright.  How do you feel at this very moment?
Anne: Lovely {laughing}.  I do, I feel nothing going through my head, no buzzing, you know…no mind…my minds not talking back at me I just feel so relaxed.
Tania: Yes.  Now I want you to tap on the top of your head.
Anne: Yes…
Tania: And I want you to just put your attention on your ankle, your front yes…with your minds eye and just have a sense of you, no words, no nothing and just be with you.  The innocence of you so be with the ankle or whichever part of your body seems appropriate and just gently tap…without words sensing your inner-self.
Anne: Yes.
Tania: And when you do that you might even shift to a new location and just be with that part of you.  Just having that sense of your inner self and you, your being yes?
Anne: Yes
Tania: And just go and put your intention on different parts of your body nice and slowly being present here now, in the present moment in time.
Anne: A-hum. Yes.
Tania: Alright when you have done that just stop tapping.  How do you feel now?
Anne: Oh, just so relaxed.
Tania: I want you to think of that problem and just tell me what happens?
Anne: I can hear myself listening and understanding and imparting everything to everyone around me.
Tania: So you have kind of got this sense of you doing a presentation in a successful way?
Anne: Yes.
Tania: Alright, I want you now to just…how do you feel now?
Anne: I just feel so relaxed I haven’t opened my eyes {laugh}.
Tania: Well you might need to open your eyes {laugh}
Anne: Ok, I will open my eyes {laugh}
Tania: A-ha…so, if you were to say ten is where you felt when you came into this session and zero is where you want to be, where would you say you are now?
Anne: I am going to say to zero.  I am seeing things more clearly around me.
Tania: In your room?
Anne: Yes, I can see erm…I have been having problems with my eyesight almost like I have not been able to see clearly but everything is more well defined, I can see…yes…more close up than further away but now that I am looking further away, everything seems clear and brighter.
Tania: Yes, so you are visually seeing things brighter?
Anne: Yes.
Tania: Alright, so I want you to try and get that problem and see what happens.
Anne: No, there is nothing in my body at all.
Tania: Alright, so are you ok to finish at this point?
Anne: Yes {enthusiastic}
Tania: Alright I will finish there now and let’s test that in the real world, but as you notice with this approach it is very easy to do.  Very, very easy…yes?
Anne: Yes – that’s wonderful.
Tania: Well I am going to finish there at this point so are you ok with what we just did?
Anne: Yes I am thank you.
Tania: Alright, so thank you very much for volunteering.
Anne: Thank you Tania, thanks.
Tania: Ok thanks . Bye, bye-bye
Following the session, Anne reported that the feeling she felt at the end of the session remained with her, in fact her words to describe how she was feeling was, “fabulous”. She also reported that whenever she looked at objects around her she found her mind stilling, feeling a sense of inner peace and feeling very present in the moment. This she reported was not something she had been able to do before the session.
Tania will be presenting Inner RePatterning at the EFT Masterclass Conference in London, 2/3rd of October – for more details go to
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