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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

La Méthode France Guillain

France Guillain:

Bath Derivative, what is it?

Competence archaic, using the freshness and walking, ensures moving, functions and the expulsion of fat.

Bath Derivative is not a medicine nor sweet nor exotic. It is a skill just as archaic breastfeeding. It is used to replace the effects of walking naked in a hot country, which was the primary condition of being human. The animals routinely practice without asking questions about the seasons, without considering the fact that they are yin or yang. The polar bear is covered with a thick fleece and it has sex and perineum cool. The Scottish live naked under their kilts. They do not need Derivative Bath. All the speeches that tend to discredit the Baths pass can only be committed by people who do not practice, or people who are embarrassed by a technique that does not cost anything and is found to be very effective for our well-being. It is therefore too stupid to denigrate the Bath Derivative than denigrating breastfeeding.

Bath derivative (or gel pack) is one of the 4 elements of the France Guillain method.

On this site we are only talking about natural means and free to do good with water, freshness, good nutrition, clay and sun. We are six and a half billion humans on the planet, good form is it restricted to the billion has money? Certainly not! My many travels around the world have amply demonstrated to me. It is normal that nature offers us the free means to do us good. Now let's turn to what the Derivative Bath.

Description of the Bath derivative.

Bath Derivative is a technique of combining the action of freshness to the friction in both groin and the perineum in order to vibrate, making motile intestine and the entire fascia.

It can be advantageously replaced by the use of gel packs, because it appears that what we lack most is not friction but the freshness in the perineum. It even works on people who simply can not walk.

This leads to the motility of fresh fascia and intestine causing the expulsion of faeces, but also moving, journey through the body fats from digestion. Fats fluids, said Brown, is essential for protection against heat and cold, energy, reserves, hormonal function, the transport of adult stem cells capable of repairing all tissues, and finally two cleaning functions. Heavy grease (yellow and white fluffy) are fat due to poor quality of denatured foods and poor mastication. They are found primarily in animals (and humans!) Breeding. They must be expelled by the fluid greases.

For a hundred years, and according to that described Louis Kuhne, Bath Derivative was strictly observed as a method of cleansing the body. We begin to understand how to move your fat cells, what they do, how to circulate. This continuous flow of fat allows the escape velocity when they enter the body through digestion. It also allows fluid greases, Brown said, to drive the heavy grease that distort the shape and fill at least eight functions that are dormant when the fascia is not working.

Derivative Bath is known for thousands of years in China, it is practiced traditionally in New Guinea, we find traces in the Koran and the Torah (washing several times a day), and it is practiced in France by hundreds of thousands of people. Henri-Charles Geffroy La Vie Claire and Raymond Dextreit held him in high esteem. It is recommended by many hygienists and increasingly recommended by doctors. Dr. Plisnier, author of The Health Freedom, published by Amber 2001, devotes three pages.

Of course, the effects of the Bath Derivative abound. They are primarily from the bad fat, thick, which lie directly beneath the skin. But they also help people who are too thin to adequately feed the muscles, denser bones. They definitely help to regenerate the body.

There is much to say about Bath Derivative, and you will find additional information in The Baths pass, editions Youth, Bath Derivative hundred years after Louis Kuhne, Editions du Rocher, we are all beautiful! LPM Publishing, Bath and derivative gel pack Editions Demeter. See "The Books of Guillain France. You can learn much more by participating in seminars or conferences with Guillain France. Dates and locations: see "Seminars" and "Conferences".

The gel pack

At the origin of mankind, we walked a lot, naked, in hot countries. In such cases, the sweat from the body slips into the folds of the groin and perineum. Evaporation offers cool. Walking provides the friction in the groin. The combination of freshness and friction promotes motility (contractions min) of the intestine and the fascia, which allows our fat to move, to perform their various functions and to be evacuated to the speed in which they formed by digestion.

The gel pack brings freshness essential to the perineum. It is absolutely abnormal for mammals to have perineal warm all day. We are mammals. Yet we have this part of the body mainly warm especially after 60 years!

Experience has shown for nearly ten years it was possible to obtain very interesting results by separating friction and freshness. For example you can walk an hour in the morning and sit in the afternoon on a cold gel pack for two or three hours (by changing the gel pack as soon as you no longer feel the freshness!). It is also possible to install the gel pack as a layer (Baby) and home run while going about their business. Anyone who leads a normal life, does her housework, shopping, travels in his work, caring for children etc can make the most of the gel pack. People who simply can not walk also derive the greatest benefit.

This is true for both men and women. For a hundred years, the Bath derivative has been taught by men (men Kuhne, Geffroy, Dextreit), primarily by men.

In ten years we have tried various pockets of freezing of all sizes. We ended up designing one that meets all the necessary guarantees. This gel pack is very solid and is machine washable. It is very discrete anatomical and under clothing. This is the only one we can recommend it currently is on the site

That the gel pack can do:

She brings freshness essential. It is a very interesting tool in the practice of Bain derivative. It is one of the basic elements of the Method France Guillain. For interesting effects throughout the body, it must also chew your food well and liquefy, eating wisely, make balanced meals while eating a bit of everything. Some inconvenience may require the use of clay. And do not forget our need for sunlight and outdoor exercise!

The gel pack used at least 3 hours per day is very interesting. But you can use it ten hours a day if you want. It is excellent for mothers of young children who lack the time. For young people who can sit on it. For people that their profession requires them to sit all day in the car or at work.

Discover YOKOOL, the small gel pack discreet, comfortable and efficient, the best auxiliary Bath Derivative girls and boys!


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  1. Hi France,
    I came across your book just recently and today discovered your blog - fantastic. I am wondering if you are having seminars in England as well or just France? I was looking for your books in english but couldnt find any. Can you please direct me where to look for them?
    Many thanks and warm regards Gabi

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