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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ahn Tz Lin

These Three Healing Sounds were taught to me by Dr. Ou, a renown bay area Chinese Medicine Doctor.

She told me she learned them at her Buddhist temple from a friend, and she has not read or heard about them anywhere else. They are what she uses to maintain great health.

She has asked me to teach people these sounds.

Ahnnn disperses energy in the neck and head. Going up and swirling out the ears, also over the head. Use for sore throats, headaches, anytime you want to access the neck and head.

Tzzz moves energy sideways from the chest to the arms all the ways to the fingers.

Liiiin swoops down from the solar plexus and goes straight down on both sides of the body, moving energy through anything below the diaphragm. This includes the organs down through the legs and feet.

Focus on the area you would like to affect, and then say your sound. They can also be said in the mind. For all three sounds a higher pitch tone will direct the energy in the front of the body, while a deeper pitch will affect the back of the body.

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