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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ezili Dantò that Live

In the article, Bwa Kayiman, 2008, we learn: "Ginen Poze. All is calm in the collective African-Ayisyen soul because in spite of the imposed enslavement, hunger, repression, UN occupation and containment in povery, Haiti's wholesome Vodun culture, epistemology and psychology orders the life of the Haitian masses. The journey of the sun people continues. 80 to 200 thousand years out of Africa is a whole lot longer and makes 500plus-years of European conquest or even 1,000 years of Arab conquest seem fairly nanosecond minute." Some say the Taino-Ayisyen understood that, the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs too. But the sacred African Chronicles and Living African Libraries still in existence evidence how Africans are used to studying one great sun/lunar cycle of 29 or

Marguerite Laurent/Ezili Dantò

so thousand years know the Ancestors line goes too far back to eternity to erase. Ginen poze. Death doesn't scare the African, only how one lives and the energies (values/principles/ archetypes) one allows to mount and be extended. Haitians are an ancient people as old as Vodun. This generation of Haitians are in the process of reclaiming the Haitian narrative..."


  1. this woman has become one of my favorite women on the planet, due 100% to the blog she operates. i've been linking it in all the avenues i have available, my blog being one of them. is that how you found her, or some other way?