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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goal Blocking Beliefs - Dr. Carrington Busts Through Them

I (Dr. Pat Carrington) see this scenario played over and over again with my private clients. They can't achieve their most important goals – the goals they MOST LONG FOR, because they are not in alignment. Intellectually, they know what their goal is and they're committed to getting there. However, on a deeper internal level, they question whether they CAN GET THERE, they question whether getting there will CHANGE THEM in a negative way, or they question whether they DESERVE WHAT THEY WANT.


Limiting Belief #1. (Week #1)
"I can't imagine realistically attaining this goal even though it is what I most want."
This belief stems from the tyranny of "HOW" thinking – of not believing in any possibility when you cannot see the steps leading to it in advance. This happens when you don't know exactly how it can come about. Your insistence on knowing the "how" beforehand can ruin your ability to achieve what you most desire.

Limiting Belief # 2 (Week #2)
"I'm not good enough (or smart enough, or attractive enough, or strong enough, or resourceful enough – etc,) to attain this goal."
This is the limiting belief of an "INADEQUATE SELF" - the fear that you do not have what it takes to reach your desired goal. It can stop you in your tracks even before you get started.

Limiting Belief # 3 (Week #3)
"It's not safe for me to reach this goal (they may hate me, or abandon me, or cease to love me if I do, etc.)"
This fear-based belief tells you that if you reach your goal you will experience a serious loss or some harm will come. This "danger" belief can make you subconsciously sabotage your goal, stopping you midway.

Limiting Belief # 4 (Week #4)
"If I really reach my goal I will no longer be ME!"
This Loss of Identity belief tells you that you will somehow be disoriented and not recognize yourself if you reach your goal. It can result in illogical holding on to "what is", even when the Universe is attempting to bring to you exactly what you want.


taught by Dr. Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.

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