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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Wet Bullocks


  1. Hey Diva- I thought you might like this thing my daughter found, but I don't have an email addy for u:

  2. Thank you so much!!! i feel teary at the places this has now brought me !

  3. Ok- now I'm frustrated. I put a whole long comment here & it got eaten! Maybe it was a magic cow :)

    I wanted to say that your comment the other day on the blog re: intent outlined exactly the core principal of witchcraft. Thank you for the good intent statement. For my practice, the most important part is First, do no harm.

    So whatever you intend so shall it be. Rituals are designed to feed energy and clarity to your intent. You already know this- so whatever direction you come to it, it will feel healthy and natural.

    I wont discuss on Rori's board out of respect for other people's paths. There is a GREAT book "Spiral Dance" and some good groups in the Bay Area as well. I lived down the road in Santa Barbara all of my life until 2002.

  4. Amber - thanks for the book reference about magic. i love magic.

    im very much a self made goddess

    i feel sad (triggered and angry a lil too) to hear you say that you won't discuss this on the board for respect of other people's paths. this feels so sad to me!

    for me, personally, i feel like i am a gift to the world, as is my experience and my interests, my passion stories. i feel sad to think that respecting others means not discussing myself, my spirt practice! ooh i feel angry thinking of this, and my everyday tools for goddess living

    i do quite freely discuss my beliefs on rori's blog - and have helped many by doing so, and received help! right on there...

    actually we talk quite a bit about intent, and many of Roris tools are actually magic themselves, like the visualizations, feeling energy transformations, everything

    i would feel happy to hear that you felt free to share your feelings and experiences about your beliefs and that you felt safe that this was a way to respect and honor others' as well...

    to me magic is everything



  5. You are TOTALLY a Magic Goddess. I've really enjoyed watching you manifest and speak things into (and out of) existence on Rori's blog. That you are a powerful Magical Being I have no doubt.

    Wise women, healers, midwives, women of independent financial means, extraordinarily beautiful or ugly women, wealthy (but single) women, disfigured women, women who had sex, women who were a political or social threat to men... Witch is a name historically applied to any woman who didn't conform to societal expectations. There was typically very little to do with supernatural powers in the prosecution of ‘witches’.

    For me the word "witchcraft" is a misnomer. Magic is a part of who I am. But that's a private choice, and I don't choose to share that openly. I am not inspired to re-educate people. I feel my heritage in my very bones, and that's personal. I have known (and been involved with) a group of women who practiced magic together, and there is some benefit to the power that can be gathered in those situations. I prefer to create and honor my own practice. I can be absolutely clear of my own intent, not so with others.

    As far as the blog – I don’t want to discuss my practice at the length required to make myself clear. To discuss it incompletely would likely put up barriers between me and the more jesus/church type women there. I want to focus on Rori and her tools in that space. I will probably put my web site back up in the near future, and I hope we can keep a discussion going on these ‘off topic’ subjects here and there.

    Hope you’re having an incredible magic blessed day!

  6. Amber - i feel sad that you don't plan on discussing about this on the blog... When i think of someone sharing the tools of what works for them to feel happy and fulfilled i life - I feel excited that would probably be a great encouragement to my own energy and creative power...

    I speak freely this way even offblog, and have been learning mucho from the men i've been cding about all kinds of magic . I learned to express myself, and that is IS safe , on the blog.

    i don't want to see any blocks going on. i don't feel any blocks or barriers between me and jesus/church type women... on the blog...

    i like to see it as made up of all faiths, like the world, and i don't want to believe that my expressing myself freely is imposing on anyone (a big belief ive been babystepping to overcome ever since i found my voice on rori's blog ... and ahve now done that to where i feel proud and free).

    i feel bad thinking of you hiding this part of yourself. and depriving the world and blog of the gift of your free self expression. i don't want to pressure you, i feel frustrated thinking that my words come out that way. i feel triggered and i feel frustrated

    i gueess i would have liked to have been an inspiration for you and other women to speak freely. it feels bad to think about blocks and stuff, imagined barriers to happiness. i dont want that.

    love ,


  7. Magic D- You ARE an inspiration. And I may eventually choose to talk about this. But right now, for me, it feels private. Not hidden though. Anybody who wants to can see me in my words there. It's kind of like coincidences, or hearing a song that touches you on a level deeper than it ever has before. Or the law of attraction. When you want something, when your intent is to have something, you will find it. That's how I found the other women I practiced with. Nothing concrete, no good reason we should have happened to connect, we just found each other.

    I'm going to order Lou's DVD when I get paid again! I'm excited about how much learning I am doing. I like to laugh at myself about you- because of the blog people you were one of my biggest triggers, and now I LOVE it when you trigger me. Or when I can just follow along on your posts. Every time you riff I find new things coming to the surface. I get bored there when it's all surface and cozy. I was worried when you were gone for that day and sad that you were sad. But absolutely confident that you would just turn it around and grow. So AWESOME. I feel really safe with you. I believe in you, because you believe in yourself.

    And THIS off-blog conversation has inspired me to put my website up again. It's been down since 2002 because I just didn't want to be seen. I'm ready to be my biggest, bestest, most FEARLESS me EVER.

    Thank you for, well


  8. Amber - Thank you! wow. I feel enveloped and loved when you speak to me.

    Make sure to Call Lou, before ordering a DVD. He will help you extensively over the phone for free if you are curious to maybe order something (he interrupts a lot, don't worry, my guess is he's a lil autistic)... and it's invaluable help to go with the DVD's.