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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Focusing and Shifting


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  1. haha this time when i did this exercise I had an image of myself flailing my arms up into the air and running visciously around in circles and screaming non-sensically and hysterically.

    haha. it is a funny image but the feeling that went along with it was FEAR (and TERROR again) and i guess helplessness and clueslessnes and trappedness. and mad fury. and a desire to drop to my knees and beat the ground with my fists in MAD FURY.

    and when i ask "what is in this sense?" it is me. I am fighting myself. Two equal sides of me, strong and fierce. One side wants my desires to manifest and the other side does not.

    well, that certainly explains the feelings and imagery.


    thank you for this magic goddess medicine woman!!!