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Friday, October 30, 2009

I feel like Throwing up

I feel like throwing up

choosing so many names on the spot how shall I conceal and reveal I feel overwhelmed and afraid

not quite right my belt falling below my waist like a first grade picture of a Girl who didn't keep her Pioneer clothes perfectly pressed

always wildly falling around

they hated me for it (who?)

while i loved me and the dirt and trees loved me like warrior puppies



  1. I feel very excited to start following your blog, Magic Goddess Medicine Woman!!

  2. you're pretty self-absorbed, aren't you??

    exactly WHO (or what) do you think you are??

  3. Yes... this blog is all about ME. I am the Magic Goddess Medicine Woman.

    I feel amused and annoyed and scared too by your anonymous comments.

    I feel curious what prompted these comments that feel like an attack?

  4. Love the pink!


  5. I like your poetry too! You are the Magic Goddess Medicine Woman